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Looking for Japanese Interpreters in London?   We also cover cities across the globe, including in Europe, Asia South America and the USA, Please see our Japanese Interpreters Worldwide page for more details.   
The Japanese Connection is a leading translation and interpreting company offering specialist Japanese language services worldwide.

Our vast network of qualified and highly-experienced Japanese translators and interpreters can support businesses and organisations of all natures to ensure language barriers are never an obstacle to success. 

Our Japanese interpreters are some of the best in the business and can cover a wide range of fields from legal and court interpreting to automotive engineering, from factory visits to technical translations. We are also able to help liaise with clients in the UK and Japan and can assist companies looking to obtain interviews with other relevant organisations. 



A Tailored Service... 

At the Japanese Connection, we are flexible in accommodating our clients' needs. Thanks to our large network of Japanese language experts based in countries all over the world, we are able to provide highly skilled, experienced translators and interpreters who have relevant backgrounds and expertise in the field in question. Some of our speciality areas include Japanese deposition interpreting, automotive related services, pharmaceutical projects, factory visits and interview obtaining liaison work. 

Why choose The Japanese Connection for your project? 
  • Our native Japanese interpreters and translators combine expertise in their chosen industry with an in depth knowledge of the languages at hand. We cover not only Japanese <> English, but Japanese <> French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and many more...
  • We can provide Japanese language experts in highly specialist fields, ranging from multiple branches of engineering to marketing, from pharmaceuticals and medicine to advanced legal issues.
  • All our Japanese interpreters and translators have many years experience in their field, and professional qualifications to match, ensuring language support of the highest-quality.
  • We have earned the trust of hundreds of local, national and international companies and organisations. For more information regarding our previous clients, please click here
  • We realise the importance of cultural business knowledge so our services are set up not only to translate verbal communication, but to help interpret cultural differences and support our clients when it comes to the subtleties of Japanese Business Etiquette. For Business Etiquette guides for other countries, please click here.


Our Japanese Translation and Interpreting / Interpretation Services include the following fields:

Agriculture● Agricultural Engineering ● Agroforestry ● Agriculture & Trade ● Genetically Modified  Food ● Industrial Agriculture ● Sustainable Farming  ● Farming and Livestock ●  Deforestation ● Fish Farming ● Biofuel Industry ● Soil Conservation  ● Bioagriculture

Applied & Life Sciences: ● Astronomy ● Biochemistry ● Biology ● Physics ● Biomedical Engineering ● Plant  Science ● Medicine ● Pharmaceuticals ● Bioengineering  ● Clinical Engineering ● Zoology

Business● Meeting ● Conference ● Negotiation ● Courtesy call ● Human Resources ● Patents  Contract  ● Business discussions for Manufacturing ● Businss meetings for Wholesales

Earth Sciences● Physical Geography ● Geology ● Oceanography ● Geophysics ● Petrology ● Structural  Geography

Education● Special Educational Needs ● Curriculum/Syllabus ● School Action ● Oxford / Oxford  University

Engineering● Aerospace ● Aeronautical ● Agricultural ● Architectural ● Automotive ● Bioengineering ● Biochemical ● Bionuclear ● Biomechanical ● Biomedical ● Chemical ● Civil Eletrical ● Environmental  Mechanical ● Marine ● Industrial Medical Mining ● Naval ● Nuclear ● Petroleum  ● Structural

Environmental & Global Issues Global Warming & Climante Change ● Carbon Emissions,Carbon Trading ● Environmental Sustainable Development  ● Carbon Offsetting   ● Global Warming ● Water ●  Ecology Environmental and Global Issues  ●  Water Conservation ● Deforestation ● Renewable Energies  Environmental Technology

Finance● Audit ● Finance and Banking ● Corporate  Finance ● Investment ● Securities ● Insurance 

Industry: ● Mining ● Shipping ● Energy ● Electronics ● Iron and Steel ● Metal ● Manufacturing ● Machinery ● Oil and Gas ● Nuclear Energy

Legal● Arbitration ● International disputes ● Litigation ● Mediation ● US Depositions ● Patents ● Shipping/Maritime Disputes ● Trademarks ● Contracts ● Copyrights ●  Taxation ● Tribunals 

Medical Sciences● Medical Engineering ● Medical Conferences ● Pharmaceuticals ● Stem Cell  Research ● Biomedicine/Biomedical ● Clinical Trials ● Clinical Engineering

Non-Profit Organisations● Charities ● Humanitarian Development

Publications & Media● Apps ● Social Media ● Advertising ● Marketing ● Newspapers ● TV ● Films ● Video  ● Video conferences  ●  Smartphones  ● Mobile phones  ●  Books ● e-Books ● Public Relations ● Internet ● E-Commerce ●  Journalism   ● Literature  ●  Multimedia

Renewable Energy● Biofuel Industry ● Biotechnology ● Biomass Energy ● Solar Power ● Nuclear Energy  ● Bioenergy ● Geo-Energy ● Water / Hydro Power ● Energy Industry ● Wind Power

Research & Academic● Journals ● Abstracts ● Research & Development (R&D)

Technology● IT ● Computer Science ● Nanotechnology ●  Biotechnology ● Software & Hardware ●  Telecommunications ● Computer Systems

Japanese Interpreters in the UK

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Please see our UK Locations page for Japanese interpreting services offered in various cities and regions of the UK. 



Please contact us if you require any further clarification or assistance, or about any field

not listed here. 

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